Design and Manufacture , Commode Stools, Commode Chairs, Walking Sticks , Walkers, Stretchers

Soft supports : Abdominal ,Tummy Trim, Belly reducer belts , LS Belts , Back Support Belt , Maternity Belts , many other products

Design as per the Buyer's requirements [Bulk Quantity], Comfort and Usage.

Bharati Surgical & Medical Agency has many personal & Patient care products.Many Patented Registered designs - are being used

If You are looking for a product designed as per the market requirement , you have landed on the right Website, you may check for many products that we offer.

Manual Folding Wheelchair
Powered / Motorized Wheelchair
Commode Stool
Commode Chair
Commode Seat
Walking Stick
Transfer Chair
Folding Walker
Exercise Products
Parts & Accessories
Ryle's Tube Feeding Pump
Sacral Lumbar Belt and Soft Support
Abdominal Belt
Blood Tubing Connector
Toomey Syringe
Anesthesia Adaptors
PP Connector
I V Stand

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If you are looking for any bulk requirement of Commode Stool or commode chair, Walking Sticks, Bharati Surgical & Medical Agency shall be pleased to serve you.

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